A complete modular solution. Capable of providing an independant work environment. With low latency high bandwidth data communications. Provisioning tools to collect data and capable of creating information so knowledgable decisions can be made.

VidentiuM RoadWarrior

A highly mobile, completely independant office environment that travels with the user anywhere anytime. Based on a hardened case and fitted to the specific requirements of the user.

VidentiuM Wave

Low latency, high bandwidth, secured connectivity. Based on cellular networks with the possibility to provide reachback to the VidentiuM Data Center.

VidentiuM CloudGhost

An all-in one solution, requiring no installation, nor specific admin rights. Created for the operational information gathering in crisis cells. Based on a number of OSINT and SOCMINT collection tools.

We are

In today’s world, complexity can be your greatest enemy or your greatest asset.

That’s why we develop solutions that provide a clear picture of what is happening around the world, to act on it in real-time.

See how our Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance solutions are simplifying the complex playground by turning data into knowledge; and knowledge into action.

Videntium provides Common operational picture and situational awareness, based on open source and social media intelligence.

Videntium is independent, connected and secured,  for time sensitive missions and situational awareness.

Videntium, a Real Time Intelligence Tool delivering insights in near, real time, so one can adapt in real time.




VidentiuM Hardware

When dangers in your environment are no longer  visible to the naked eye, state of the art technology is your greatest allay. VidentiuM delivers IT equipment and additional connex hardware for the thoughest environments. Like you it can take the heat. Like you it can take the hit. Even survive one.

VidentiuM Academy Solutions

Understanding the environment. Extracting information out of the overload of data. Proposing the right action. The key factors for your success. Don't get scared : We train you !

VidentiuM Communications

The increased demand for critical data and the mobility of the assets requires more advanced solutions. Even in the most challenging environments VidentiuM offers real time information sharing and secure efficient communications. We get you connected.

VidentiuM Monitoring Solutions

Not everyone has the luxury of having their own information gathering and information processing cell. We professionally cover this burden for you and support your decision making process.

VidentiuM Software

No need for high performance computers. No need for networking jargon. No need for specialist technical knowledge. VidentiuM has it all covered for you. Anywhere in the world. VidentiuM does all the heavy lifting for you. The technical burden is no longer the sore point of the researcher.

VidentiuM Integration Solutions

We dispose of the necessary analysts and engineers to pragmatically aggregate your specific needs and integrate them into the solution that meets your requirements. We propose the best solution within your predefined capabilities, resources and budget.



OSINT and SOCMINT techniques at the service of organizations responsible for public safety , in support of their operations and for safeguarding the physical integrity of its members.

Port Industry

OSINT and SOCMINT techniques to support the prevention of or response to incidents that may threaten the security of a place or strategic asset. Real Time Intelligence as the cornerstone for policy decisions.

Security partners

OSINT and SOCMINT techniques provide situational awareness, insight into the severity of the event and can help identify present or potential factors that could destabilize the crisis situation. They are the early warning system of choice in crisis situations.

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 PA Consult

PA Consult

Your support in optimized decision making using new approaches towards solutions that deliver real impact.

on request
  • Standard configuration including
  • - rugged transport case
  • - 22" screen built-in case
  • - stand alone power source built-in case
  • More options possible.
on request
  • Basic 1 month subscription including
  • - personal access
  • - information gathering tools
  • - protected environment
  • More options possible.




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