Videntium is commited to Public Private Partnership

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As part of the training of our team, we recently participated in an internal training day, a co-production between CPS, G4S, and Threat Level 4. This study day, organized by CPS (Centre for Policing and Security), focused on the topic of “Public-Private Partnership” (PPP).

Ensuring safety is an increasingly greater challenge, especially for local and other governments in securing large public events and busy shopping streets. Because this challenge often exceeds the capacity of the government involved, they are increasingly working with private security companies in a PPP. Event monitoring will also be the theme of an upcoming series of lessons for first-line responders.

During the Security Convention, organized by G4S and CPS, we reflected and exchanged experiences on the evolutions in PPP and in the legislation and technologies (big data, XR, etc.) that frame these developments and respectively support them. We also discussed the many legal obstacles, such as data exchange between the police and the private sector.

At Videntium, we are committed to continuous learning and improvement. We are determined to participate in the Integral Security Plan and continue to commit ourselves to learn and improve our services. We believe that these collaborations are crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of our community.


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