Videntium Academy - Training

Our goal is to create a leading body of knowledge and skills that meet the highest current standards that can be taught, tested and validated so that you can be successful in your career, whether you are in law enforcement, intelligence, private investigation, information security, or public safety.

Our courses cover all aspects of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT). They are customised with content relevant to the client organisation. The course format varies from lectures to hands-on classes, with participants focusing on their company's competitive and/or operational missions.

You will learn real-world applicable skills that are used by law enforcement, military intelligence, private investigators, loss prevention, cyber defenders, and attackers to aid in their investigations.

All courses include small exercises and opportunities for in-depth discussion of the relevant concepts. Some courses are aimed at beginners in OSINT - SOCMINT, others provide a deeper understanding of the topics and expect familiarity with basic concepts and processes.

Videntium Academy - Comprehensive exercise

The ability to analyse publicly available information is highly valued in the security community and is often critical in areas such as incident investigation and public safety. However, it has proven challenging to provide practical hands-on exercises to train the techniques relevant to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT).

In our comprehensive exercises you will learn how to use specific tools and techniques to achieve their investigative goals, emphasising processes through flow charts that map out procedures for most of our training course techniques.

This is what we do : It starts with data collection going to analysis and quickly moves to learning techniques for accessing websites and then harvesting content from these websites. It covers a wide range of OSINT and SOCMINT topics.

Our comprehensive exercises are far from basic; they aim at students having a familiarity with the basic concepts and processes since it will enable them to search, find and use data from sources all over the world.

Videntium Academy - Coaching

In crisis management, early detection, clear communication and an efficient decision-making process are crucial.  The right people must be informed quickly so that they can make the right decisions based on the right information. Whether it is about brand protection or security issues.

We provide the necessary coaching to strengthen the knowledge already present or to acquire the necessary knowledge and thus help you to improve your basic skills that form a common basis.

Our coaching helps you to improve the main abilities and skills required to be succesfull in your job :
  • clearly formulate intelligence needs;
  • completely document all used data;
  • think as a threat actor;
  • writing of reports;
  • analysing assessment products.
During our coaching we assist you with your intelligence collection, analysis and processing in your real-life events.

Training, Coaching and Consultancy

(all prices VAT excl.)

Training - 5 daysstarting at €5000
2 instructors, in the infrastructure of the client.
The client provides the necessary didactic common (beamer, whiteboard) and individual means (laptop with internet connection for each participant) as well as the meals of the instructors.
Coaching - 1 daystarting at €1000
Adhoc crisis-surveillance support.
  • 1 standard calendar day - monday to friday, no official holidays
  • 8 hours during standard office hours - 08:00CET to 17:00CET including 1 hour lunch break
Monitoring consultancystarting at €5100
Adhoc monitoring support.
  • including monitoring startup fee
  • delivery of 1 report on standard working hours during standard calendardays